Cody Whitby

Designer & Developer

Graduated 2011 from VCUarts Graphic Design. Dedicated fan of terrible baseball.

Mark Luetke


Graduated 2010 from VCUarts Graphic Design. Lives in the woods and likes it.

Grace Huddleston

Content Manager & Illustrator

VCUarts Painting + Printmaking class of 2014!
Joan Jonas wannabe and general maker of things.

Casey Ferguson

Project Manager

Communications graduate from East Carolina University. Lover of cats and crafts.

Dan Strogiy

Web Designer

VCUarts Graphic Design class of 2016. A cats and craft beer advocate.

Grace Manno

Logo Design

Graduated 2012 from VCUarts Communication Arts. Draws pictures, performs comedy, cooks food.

Reggie Pace

Rock Star

Attended VCUarts Music. Founder of Jellowstone Records. Musician with NO BS! Brass, Bon Iver, Arizal, Trio of Justice and Pacecadets. Writer of RVA All DAY.

Shoutouts to the Richmond brass band No BS! Thanks for the inspiration.