Brown’s Island Park

This park is home to countless annual festivals as well as the Friday Cheers summer music concert series. This downtown park is also a great place to see the urban stretch of the James River.

Richmond Slave Trail

Richmond Slave Trail is a walking trail that chronicles the history of the trade of enslaved Africans from Africa to Virginia until 1775, and away from Virginia, especially Richmond, to other locations in the Americas until 1865. It begins at Manchester Docks, a major port in the massive downriver Slave Trade that made Richmond the largest source of enslaved Africans on the east coast of America from 1830 to 1860. The trail then follows a route through the slave markets of Richmond, beside the Reconciliation Statue commemorating the international triangular slave trade, past Lumpkin’s Slave Jail and the Negro Burial Ground to First African Baptist Church, a center of African-American life in pre-Civil War Richmond.

Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery is a beautiful place to visit the grave of a loved-one or a historic figure, go on a long relaxing walk or take in the James River from the cemetery’s amazing view. This expansive cemetery’s steel and stone construction can be explored through carefully designed winding paths. Take in the beautiful hand-crafted statuesque headstones and family mausoleums as you stroll though the cemetery and you will feel like you have journeyed back in time!

Pipeline Rapids Walkway

This river spot can be accessed from the Canal Walk at South 12th and Byrd streets or from the east end of Brown’s Island. There is a raised pathway that runs above a huge Richmond pipeline and along the pipeline rapids. This is a great area of the river for seasonal bird watching, beautiful overlooks and swimming (when the water levels permit). 

North Bank Trail and Texas Beach

A long thin trail provides swimmers and sunbathers with access to several private rocks and sandy beaches. It is also a beautiful area for walking and a fun challenge for mountain bikers. Be sure to have good shoes, because this trail has lots of twists and turns, but it’s a hidden gem in the city!

Manchester Climbing Wall

This 60-foot granite wall is a remnant of a railroad bridge that was utilized during much of the 19th century. Here you can find climbing opportunities for climbers of all skill levels.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

One of the most-visited attractions in the Richmond area, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden offers year-round beauty on a historic property with more than 50 acres of spectacular gardens, dining and shopping. If you have kids, there’s a children’s garden complete with a ground fountain – perfect for cooling off on a hot, summer day.


The former estate of James Henry and Sallie Dooley who lived there from 1893 through 1925, Maymont is a special place where the man-made elegance of art and architecture is surrounded by the natural beauty of plants, animals, water and paths. Whether strolling through the gardens, touring the mansion, watching river otters play, petting a goat or picnicking on the lawn, Maymont is a gift of 100 acres given for all to enjoy.

Belle Isle

Belle Isle is one of the most popular spots for Richmonders to go to enjoy the James River. Once you cross a suspended footbridge over the river, enjoy hiking, bike trails, rocks for lounging on and plenty of areas to swim in.