Faculty Research Reassignments

Because ongoing and productive research is integral to the mission of VCU, highly active researchers may seek Dean’s Office support for research reassignment. From course reductions to leave, research reassignments are based on several factors and are evaluated by the Dean’s Office.  Reassignments can accommodate external fellowship awards and residencies that occur during the school year. Plan ahead for a research reassignment by applying for external residencies or fellowships that may also contribute to funding your re-assignment expenses.

Requests for research assignment must be channeled through the department chair or program director, who will add a letter articulating support for the opportunity, a plan for coverage, and any associated departmental needs, should the request be approved. The chair/director will submit her/his letter and the faculty member’s request to Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Faculty Affairs, James Frazier, who will facilitate review by the Dean’s Leadership Team. The Dean will make decisions in consultation with the Leadership Team.

Factors considered in making decisions about reassignment include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The potential impact of the work on the career of the individual;
  2. The potential benefit of the activity for the School, possibly related to visibility, diversification of activities or future visioning;
  3. The availability of funding to support the endeavor, when the applicant wants time with pay and there are replacement costs;
  4. The frequency of awards within an particular unit (related to parity across the departments within the School as well as to maintaining some consistency within the departments for the sake of students and the functioning of departments);
  5. Whether or not the activity could feasibly be done during the summer, when faculty are expected to be working on research.

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