Faculty Research Grants

The Dean’s Faculty Research Grant program provides funding to support the final stages of research for which venues for dissemination have been determined. In most cases, Research Grants are awarded for specific art and design activities that have been invited or endorsed by peer review. Ideally, applicants have confirmation that they will be presenting, exhibiting, performing or sharing their work in an appropriate context, amongst professionals or for a significant public audience. The venues for realization of research results are a determining factor in the award of grants. Research grants typically support faculty exhibition, demonstration, activity, publication, or performance in national and international contexts. A selection committee composed of faculty from a cross-section of arts and design disciplines makes award recommendations to the Dean. Previous recipients may reapply for support annually. This opportunity does not fund retroactive expenses for a past exhibit or performance.

To prepare a competitive proposal that addresses the review criteria in the Faculty Research Grants category, refer to the following:

  1. Clarity of the project: In your project narrative, describe your proposed project related to the exhibition, performance, or publication of creative work. Be sure to indicate in your proposal the venue in which your work will be shown (gallery, theatre, festival) or form in which it will be disseminated (journal article, conference paper). Articulate the importance of this venue to the field and to your work/research.
  2. Strong case for support: In your project narrative, describe how the project contributes to current trends/practice your field, to your professional development at this time, and to the profile and intellectual assets of the School and the university. Projects with promise of future external funding will be strongly considered.
  3. Clear and reasonable budget: In your budget, present a budget that aligns with the activities of your project.
  4. Potential for external funding: In sources of external support, indicate the other sources of funding you are seeking for this project.

The next round of applications will be due September 10, 2017 at 5 pm. For more information, contact artsresearch@vcu.edu.

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Past Recipients

2016-2017 Awards

Cara Benedetto, Assistant Professor, Painting and Printmaking

To support an exhibition and performance at the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, affirming sex workers and artists in their forbidden services under capitalism.

Alfred Blair Clemo, Assistant Professor, Craft and Material Studies

To support a solo exhibition at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN, including production and installation of plaster ornaments to contextualize utilitarian vessels on display.

Steven Hoskins, Associate Professor, Graphic Design

To assist with still image licensing and production fees for a book chapter titled “Fragmented Motion: Split Screen and Asynchronous Video” in Kinetic Emergence: The Theory and Practice of Motion Design.

Heath Matysek-Snyder, Assistant Professor, Craft and Material Studies

To support a solo exhibition of the “Kominy Series,” which investigates place and identity through the act of stacking firewood and incorporating meaningful objects into the stacks, at Artspace in Raleigh, NC.

Chris Norris, Assistant Professor, Art Foundation

To support a solo exhibition at the Prince Street Project Space, administered by the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York, exploring through illustration the objectification of the male body in situations of distress.

Bob Paris, Associate Professor, Kinetic Imaging

To support an exhibition of satirical work celebrating the American nexus between children and military weapons and warfare, based on an educational phone app titled “A Children’s Guide to Weapons.”

2015-2016 Awards

Catherine Roach, Assistant Professor, Art History

Production assistance for the book Pictures-within-Pictures in Nineteenth Century Britain.

Eric Rivera, Assistant Professor, Dance and Choreography

Support for a collaboration with Mexican dance company Ciudad Interior on a restaging of Rivera’s duet Contratiempo.

Kirk Kjeldsen, Assistant Professor, Cinema

Support for researching, preparation, submission & promotion for the feature length, 35mm film short Gavagai.

Susanna Klein, Assistant Professor, Music

Support for the recording and public release of This and That, a CD compilation of 10 short, standalone pieces for string trio to be released on the Blue Griffin Label.

2014-2015 Awards

Sarah Mizer, Administrative Director, Art Foundation

Materials support needed to produce an installation for an exhibition at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

Justin James Reed, Assistant Professor, Photography and Film

Development and production assistance for artist monograph that utilizes emerging laser engraving technology.

Jack Wax, Professor, Craft and Material Studies

Support for exhibition and a series of lectures associated with The Shizuoka Art Document Prize honoring the applicant.

2013-2014 Awards

Susie Ganch, Associate Professor, Craft and Material Studies

Exhibition of work from Radical Jewelry Makeover project and independent studio practice at the Visual Arts Center in Spring 2014.

Reni Gower, Professor, Painting and Printmaking, Jorge Benitez, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts, & Susan Schuld, Assistant Professor, Theatre

Presentation of multidisciplinary project “Geometric Aljamia: a Cultural Transliteration” at the “Crossing the Line 2” conference in Dubai.

Sonali Gulati, Associate Professor, Photography & Film

Exhibition of short film titled “Big Time” at film festivals worldwide. 

Holly Morrison, Associate Professor, Painting and Printmaking

Exhibition of body of prints at the YouYou Contemporary Art Center in Guangzhou, China.

Bob Paris, Associate Professor, Kinetic Imaging

Adaptation and translation of multimedia installations for online exhibition. 

Ester Partegas, Assistant Professor, Sculpture & Extended Media

Research travel and production for a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima, Peru. 

Rex Richardson, Associate Professor, Music

Recording of “new takes” on traditional trumpet concertos in collaboration with conductor Gregor Palikarov of the FM Classic Radio Orchestra in Sofia, Bulgaria and composer and conductor James M. Stephenson III.

Christian von Howard, Associate Professor, Dance and Choreography

Choreographic project, based on the cultural identity of a Native American tribe that lived secluded between two bodies of water in East Texas, produced with composer Kevin Keller and through a NYU Choreographic Workshop mentored by Stephen Petronio.

2012-2013 Awards
Andrea Connell, Assistant Professor in Craft & Material Studies
Exhibition of work at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art (MI) and Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (TX)

Stephen Vitiello, Associate Professor in Kinetic Imaging
Publication of sound and image work from his time on a Rauschenberg Fellowship

Michael Jones McKean, Associate Professor in Sculpture
Exhibition of work at Favorite Goods in Los Angeles and Horton Gallery in New York

Matt King, Assistant Professor in Sculpture and Art Foundation and Scott Putnam, Associate Professor in Dance & Choreography
Video documentation of interdisciplinary project, “Swerve Space,” a sculptural installation fused with dance performance.

Kristin Caskey, Interim Assistant Chair in Fashion, Camden Whitehead, Associate Professor, Interior Design, and John Malinoski, Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Research and development for community design project—Middle of Broad—by visiting and engaging other community design programs across the country

Gregory Volk, Associate Professor in Painting & Printmaking and Sculpture & Extended Media
New writing on several European exhibitions to be published in internationally recognized magazines

Corin Hewitt, Assistant Professor in Sculpture & Extended Media
Solo exhibition at Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art

Kenneth Wood, Assistant Professor in Music
Study and documentation of the merits of Victorian art song

2011-2012 Awards
Christine Gray, Solo Exhibition at Rare Gallery, New York
The Dean’s Research grant will be used for a solo exhibition at Rare Gallery in New York. Gray’s paintings have focused on an American middle class pursuit of leisure and status in relation to historical painting traditions, which represent similar goals.

Kimberly Guthrie, VCU Health Systems Nurse Scrubs
The VCU Health Systems, Nursing sub-committee approached the School of the Arts to research and develop potential new women’s scrub top designs. The Dean’s Research grant will be used to research materials and methods to design new uniforms, including the use of environmentally sustainable materials.

Gregory Volk, Travel to International Art Exhibitions for articles in Art in America
The Dean’s Research Grant will be used to subsidize travel to see Documenta and other international art exhibitions. This research will culminate in a series of articles for publication in Art in America.

Corin Hewitt, Solo Exhibition of Sculpture at the Laurel Gitlin Gallery, New York
The Dean’s Research Grant will help fund the construction and installation of a one person exhibition at the Laurel Gitlin Gallery in New York. Hewitt, whose work is rooted in photography, object making and ephemeral experience, will create new pieces using materials that include, mascara, concrete, earth and textiles.

Peter Martin, Recording of Works by French Composer Phillippe Manoury
Funding to complete an already initiated recording project of music by French composer Philippe Manoury. To complete the project, two small works will be recorded, and the entire album will be mastered and edited.

Hilary Wilder, Solo Exhibitions in Houston and Wisconsin
The Dean’s research grant will support two solo exhibitions in 2012. The first is at Devin Borden Gallery in Houston and the second at The Great Poor Farm Experiment IV. Little Wolf/ Manawa, Wisconsin. In addition to work created on site, the exhibitions will include paintings, sculpture, and video. A small catalogue will be produced, with essays by two curators.

2010-2011 Awards
Holly Alford, Department of Fashion
For travel and costs associated with exploring the influence of African American hip-hop on Japanese youth culture. $4000

Kimberly Guthrie, Department of Fashion
For travel and expenses to explore how fashion programs address and analyze industry reactions to consumer demands for sustainability. $3000

Linda Lee, Department of Fashion
Travel costs to explore and document China’s emerging urban youth culture. $4000

Susie Ganch, Department of Crafts
Development and marketing of ‘tool kit’ to facilitate participation in the Radical Jewelry Makeover, a community and mining recycling project. $ 2500

Jack Wax, Department of Crafts
Funds to crate and ship fabricated glass forms developed at an artist’s residency. $3000

2009-2010 Awards
Todd Cronan, Art History
Support for subvention of illustrations for the forthcoming book: Matisse, Bergson and the Philosophical Temper of Modernism, $2000

Martha Curtis and Janet Rodgers, Dance and Choreography and Theatre
Documentary project for PBS titled: In Search of the Sound of the Greek Chorus: A Television Documentary,

Antonio Garcia, Music
Recording and research for educational book and CD titled: Cutting the Changes: The Blues, $2500

Hope Ginsburg, Art Foundation
Funding for the preliminary programming and design of Sponge headquarters at VCUarts, $3500

Scott Putnam, Dance
Production of choreography project for Amaranth Dance Company, $1000

Patrick Smith, Music
Travel to the International Horn Symposium, Brisbane, Australia to perform pieces by English composer Richard Bissill, $2000

Hilary Wilder, Painting and Printmaking
Fabrication and travel for a solo exhibition at Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston, Texas, $2000

Sara Wilson McKay and Melanie Buffington, Art Education
Research for contracted book: Practice Theory: Seeing the Power of Teacher Researchers, $3000

Gregory Volk, Painting and Printmaking and Sculpture + Extended Media
Travel and support for a series of written pieces about contemporary art in Berlin to be published in Art in America, $4000

2008-2009 Awards
Ruth Bolduan, Department of Painting & Printmaking
For travel costs as the only American artist invited to participate in the exhibition, Paperism, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Suchou, China, in October 2009. $1,500

Christine Gray, Department of Painting & Printmaking
For shipping and materials for solo and group exhibitions at commercial and nonprofit galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and Maryland, and the SCOPE London [UK] Art Fair. $2,500

Matt King, Art Foundation Program
For shipping and travel associated with solo exhibitions of sculpture and drawing in New York and Portland (OR). $4,000

Sandra Wheeler, Department of Graphic Design
For image rights and editing costs for the book, White Space in Graphic Design, to be published in 2009 by Patchell Books, Ltd. (UK) with foreign co-editions in other languages including Spanish and Korean. $5,000

Michael Jones McKean, Department of Sculpture + Extended Media
For fabrication and shipping associated with two solo gallery exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles. $6,700

2007-2008 Awards
Dina Bangdel, Department of Art History
For final travel and photography of interior murals and sculptures in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries of the 11th-14th centuries for her book, Buddhist Monastic Architecture of Nepal, to be published by Prentice Hall. $5,000

Alex Bostic, Department of Communication Arts
For shipping of work and the catalog for his solo exhibition at the Fine Arts Cove Gallery, in Florence, Italy in 2008. $3,000

Rob Carter, Department of Graphic Design
For upgraded paper stock for his book on Phil Meggs (who was the first School of the Arts Research Professor),Meggs: Making Graphic Design History, to be published by John Wiley. $12,000

Reni Gower, Department of Painting & Printmaking
For support of the catalog of the group exhibition she conceived and curated, The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic, for a national tour including the McKinley Avenue Contemporary coinciding with the College Art Association annual conference in Dallas. $3,000

Christine Gray, Department of Painting & Printmaking
For materials and production of work for her solo exhibition at Project 4 Gallery in Washington, DC in 2008, and the Aqua Art Miami Art Fair in 2007. $1,000

Ron Johnson, Department of Painting & Printmaking
For the catalog for solo and group exhibitions at a number of US galleries. $3,000

Elizabeth King, Department of Sculpture & Extended Media
For the catalog for the national retrospective traveling exhibition of her work originating at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. $5,000

Margaret Lindauer, Department of Art History
For photo reproduction costs and rights for scholarly essays in the books, Museum Revolutions: How Museums Change and Are Changed (Routledge), Impermanence: Cultures IN/OUT of TIME (CMU Center for Arts in Society), and The Global Memoryscape (University Alabama Press). $520

Jamie Mahoney, Department of Graphic Design
For production of video interviews of internationally recognized designers for the 12-interview project, The Designer Series, to be distributed nationally. $7,000

Stephen Vitiello, Department of Kinetic Imaging
For the limited edition catalog for his solo exhibition at London’s Museum 52 in 2008. $6,000

Gregory Volk, Department of Painting & Printmaking & Department of Sculpture + Extended Media
For travel to the Sydney Biennale in Australia and his subsequent article to appear in Art in America. $2,500

Matt Wallin, Department of Communication Arts
For completion of postproduction of his documentary film, I Die Daily: The Making of Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle, on one of the most significant visual art filmmakers in the United States to be distributed in the U.S. by IFC Films and internationally by Cinetic Media. $7,000

Hilary Wilder, Department of Painting & Printmaking
For the residency installation in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2007 and the Seattle Art Museum residency in 2008. $700

2006-2007 Awards
Dina Bangdel, Department of Art History
For the purchase of rights to photograph interior murals and sculptures in eight Tibetan Buddhist monasteries of the 11th-14th centuries for her book (co-authored with Susan Huntington, Distinguished Professor of History of Art at The Ohio State University) to be published by Prentice Hall. $2,000.

Susie Ganch, Department of Craft/Material Studies
For the creation of new metals work for the Japanese Jewelry Design Biennale, the first time in the history of the competition/exhibition that Americans have been allowed to take part. Twenty artists in the United States were nominated and 12 were accepted. The exhibition will travel across Japan from May through July, starting in Tokyo at the Ueno Royal Museum. $4,000.

Reni Gower, Department of Painting & Printmaking
For support of a color catalog for the national traveling exhibition, The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic, commencing in Fall 2006 at the joint Mid-American College Art Association/South Eastern College Art Conference at Vanderbilt University. $2,000.

Sonali Gulati, Department of Photography & Film
For support of post-production and international film festival submission materials, and distribution for the experimental film, 24 Frames Per Day, commencing November 2006. $2,000.

Elizabeth King, Department of Sculpture & Extended Media
For production of photographs for a retrospective catalog of her solo exhibition at Kent Gallery and group exhibition at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York. $4,000.

Bob Paris, Department of Kinetic Imaging
For promotional travel and DVD duplication costs for exhibitions in Los Angeles of his video installation, Disturbance, which premiered at the Anderson Gallery. $1,400.

Scott Putman, Department of Dance & Choreography
For production of a DVD of his company, Amaranth, and its Experiment in White Project including performances at the Disney Music Hall’s Red Cat Theatre in Los Angeles and other international venues in 2007. $3,500.

Michael Schreffler, Department of Art History
For a press subvention for the publication of his book by Penn State University Press, The Art of Allegiance: Visual Culture and Imperial Power in Baroque New Spain. $1,000.

Lydia Thompson, Department of Craft/Material Studies
For support for completion of the project, Sub Culture Migration, in conjunction with her residency and exhibition at Denmark’s Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center and other exhibition venues in 2007. $3,000.

Gregory Volk, Departments of Sculpture & Extended Media and Painting & Printmaking
For support of travel and research for the catalog of the William Pope L. exhibition opening at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in January 2008. $2,100.

2005-2006 Awards
Kendall Buster, Department of Sculpture
For the cost of materials for a site-responsive architectural installation at the Mass Gallery of the State University of New York–Purchase in Spring 2006. $3,000.

Sonali Gulati, Department of Photography & Film
For support of film prints, exhibition fees, promotional materials and related costs for the award-winning film, Nalini by Day Nancy by Night to be screened at international film festivals. $3,000.

Lucinda Kaukas Havenhand, Department of Interior Design
For the purchase of image reproduction rights for articles to be published in the Journal of Interior Design and the book, Literature and Design: New Perspectives on the Study of Culture, Commodities, and Audience to be published by Cambridge Scholars Press. $1,000.

Elizabeth King, Department of Sculpture
For funding to assist in the production of a stop-action video animation to be exhibited as part of the solo exhibition opening at New York’s Kent Gallery in January 2006. $2,000.

Doug Richards & Rex Richardson, Department of Music
For support of score and part preparation and travel associated with the premiere of An International Concerto for trumpet and orchestra at the 2006 Melbourne International Festival of Brass (Australia) [Doug Richards, composer/conductor; Rex Richardson, trumpet soloist]. $3,500.

Michael Schreffler, Department of Art History
For the purchase of image reproduction rights for The Art of Allegiance: Visual Culture and Imperial Power in Baroque New Spain, to be published by Penn State University Press. $5,000.

Stephen Vitiello, Kinetic Imaging Program
For completion of Whoosh to be presented in conjunction with the 2006 Winter Olympics (Italy) and March Spontaneous to be released on audio CD by SIRR (Portugal). $5,000.