Announcing 2013-14 Faculty Research and Exploratory Grants

Congratulations to the faculty whose research projects have been awarded funding through the 2013-14 Faculty Research and Faculty Research Exploratory Grants Programs.

Fall 2013 Faculty Research Grants

Susie Ganch, Associate Professor, Craft and Material Studies

Exhibition of work from Radical Jewelry Makeover project and independent studio practice at the Visual Arts Center in Spring 2014.

Reni Gower, Professor, Painting and Printmaking, Jorge Benitez, Assistant Professor, Communication Arts, & Susan Schuld, Assistant Professor, Theatre

Presentation of multidisciplinary project “Geometric Aljamia: a Cultural Transliteration” at the “Crossing the Line 2” conference in Dubai.

Holly Morrison, Associate Professor, Painting and Printmaking

Exhibition of body of prints at the YouYou Contemporary Art Center in Guangzhou, China.

Rex Richardson, Associate Professor, Music

Recording of “new takes” on traditional trumpet concertos in collaboration with conductor Gregor Palikarov of the FM Classic Radio Orchestra in Sofia, Bulgaria and composer and conductor James M. Stephenson III.

Spring 2014 Faculty Research Grant Recipients

Sonali Gulati, Associate Professor, Photography & Film

Exhibition of short film titled “Big Time” at film festivals worldwide.

Bob Paris, Associate Professor, Kinetic Imaging

Adaptation and translation of multimedia installations for online exhibition.

Ester Partegas, Assistant Professor, Sculpture & Extended Media

Research travel and production for a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lima, Peru.

Christian von Howard, Associate Professor, Dance and Choreography

Choreographic project, based on the cultural identity of a Native American tribe that lived secluded between two bodies of water in East Texas, produced with composer Kevin Keller and through a NYU Choreographic Workshop mentored by Stephen Petronio.

2013-14 Exploratory Research Grants

Melanie Buffington, Associate Professor, Art Education

Development and piloting of K-12 teacher training workshops focused on historical monuments and artworks in Richmond related to the Civil War.

Susanna Klein, Assistant Professor, Music & Doug Richards, Professor, Music

Rehearsal and recording of a unique transformation of a Claude Debussy piano prelude for Jazz/Classical Clarinet and String Quartet arranged by Doug Richards.

Semi Ryu, Associate Professor, Kinetic Imaging

Development and piloting of an expressive storytelling platform designed for seniors that combines reminiscence therapy with virtual interactive puppets to facilitate a deeper understanding of self-worth

Susan Schuld, Assistant Professor, Theatre

Development and piloting of a new course for VCU’s International Dentist Program to assist foreign-born doctors in their oral communication through the use of the innovative Knight-Thompson Speechwork technique