Recent Photography + Film Grads Document Particle Accelerator

Alex Coyle and Shannon Lowe capture the past and future of a groundbreaking government particle physics research laboratory in an upcoming documentary project funded by an undergraduate research grant award.

“From an artistic side, I’ve always had an interest in science and how to communicate that to a lay audience,” Lowe said. “We locked ourselves in a room in the library and decided we would figure out some kind of project to do.”

Coyle said the timing coincides with events marking the 50th anniversary of Fermilab.

“That’s really crazy that there’s this miles-long tunnel underground. We were interested in tapping into that feeling in an art project,” she said. “We’re planning on approaching it to reflect on the past, what could have been, but also celebrate where they are going moving forward. Obviously, this abandoned particle accelerator is a big part.”

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Photo by Pat Kane, University Public Affairs


June 5, 2017