Professor Michael Jones McKean’s ‘The Ground’ On View in Baltimore

Michael Jones McKean, associate professor of Sculpture, is bringing an abandoned Baltimore building to life. His work is on view at The Contemporary, a nomadic modern art museum.

It is visually pleasing both in parts or as a whole, and at the opening last Saturday, visitors were consistently stepping in closer or backing farther away to take in the work’s stunning detail (McKean provided a material sheet for viewers that includes more than 300 objects, including meteorite fragments, a variety of minerals, and aquatic life). At night, the sculpture shines brightly through Hutzler’s plate-glass windows, which will hopefully serve to draw in visitors who perhaps would not have access to such an exhibit.

The work also succeeds in that it breathes life into one of Baltimore’s treasured buildings, which has been vacant since Hutzler’s closed nearly 30 years ago.

Michael Jones McKean’s The Ground is on display through May 19.

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Photo: Michael Jones McKean’s The Ground by Gabriella Souza


February 22, 2017