VCUarts Photography + Film professor Alyssa Salomon recently completed a yearlong artist-in-residence program at VCU’s School of Business. Throughout her residency, she participated in several interactive art projects in which she collaborated with participants to determine the exchange rate for various objects.

“I have used the basic idea of saying we’re making all the time: We make lunch, we make friends, we make plans, we make trouble, we make up, we make a future,” Salomon says. Estimating that she has interacted with approximately 600 people — including a book-making workshop with 160 students. She has invited individuals to make buttons and origami with reproductions of $100 bills and brainstorm economic exchange rates.

With the artist-in-residence, “you never really know what’s going to happen in the atrium,” says Senior Associate Dean of the School of Business at VCU Ken Kahn, laughing. “That surprise leads to learning and also a little bit of fun. … It’s getting our students to think differently and try to get out of the routine.”

Read the full article in Richmond magazine.

Image: VCU students participating in exchanges with VCU School of Business Artist-in-Residence Alyssa Salomon. (Photo by Alyssa Salomon)


July 9, 2018