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Alumni Feature: Emily Rund

Emily Rund, BFA ’17, is currently the assistant editor/production coordinator for Tippet Rise Arts Center, where she primarily does film work, as well as some graphic design and creative media work. At Tippet Rise, there is the summer concert season and the “off season.”  Currently it is the off season, which means that Rund will be editing… Read more »

MFA Alumni Feature: Naoko Wowsugi

Naoko Wowsugi, MFA ’11, is an artist of Korean-Japanese descent, who moved to the United States in 2001, leading her to explore conditions of identity and belonging in her work. Through a multidisciplinary practice including visual art, sound, local lore, horticulture, and community participation, she celebrates human connections by toying with interpersonal and sociopolitical norms…. Read more »

Alumni Feature: Allison Bills

Allison Bills, BFA ’16, is currently working as a Digital Imaging Specialist/Photographer at NASA-Johnson Space Center. She began her career as a photographer before she came to VCU, shooting commission work.  While at VCU she was able to enrich her technical skills. Allison says the concept of “just keep shooting” brought her some of her… Read more »

MFA Alumni Feature: Joseph Minek

Joseph Minek is an artist based in Cleveland Ohio. Joseph received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography & Film from Virginia Commonwealth University and his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in spaces such as the Cleveland Museum of Art,… Read more »


Welcome back from the holiday break, and welcome 2018!  VCU Photo + Film has it going on this spring semester – keep reading to learn more!   NEWS:   In January, we begin accepting applications for our Summer Studio Program in Photography, Film + Media Art.  The Summer Studio is a 4-week artistic residency / post-baccalaureate experience,… Read more »

Alumni on Homeland

Showtime’s Homeland Season 7 is being filmed in Richmond VA and will premiere January 2018. Many of our Photo + Film alumni have landed themselves jobs on this production. Natalie Kohlhepp, BFA ’16, is currently working as a Production Assistant for the Art department on the 7th season of Homeland for Fox Television. As a… Read more »

Alumni Feature: Dominique Muñoz

Dominique Muñoz, BFA ’15, has just finished working as the first photographer in residence for Clark Construction. While there, he photographed the art of building – focusing on the social aspects of construction. He has traveled across the country photographing nearly 100 different Clark construction  sites ranging from residential buildings to underground tunnels. On these… Read more »

Alumni Feature: Sara Clarken

Sara Clarken, BFA ’15, wears many hats within the creative world, from being an Artist, Independent Exhibition Director, and Berlin Editor-at-Large of FOUNDATIONS Magazine. While in her undergrad at VCU Clarken kept very busy, taking all sorts of photo jobs, creating “look books” for Fashion Department students, working as the first assistant for fashion photographer… Read more »

Alumni Feature: Austin Aviles

Austin Aviles, BFA ’17, is currently participating in the 2017-2018 VCU Qatar Fellowship program, a 9 month residency at the VCUQ campus, based in their Painting and Printmaking Department. Aviles found out about the residency after the Tasmeem Doha 2017 Biennial earlier this year. In the past, the position has only been open to VCU’s Painting… Read more »

Alumni Feature: Stephen Wozny

“If I can give one piece of advice to VCU Photo/Film students that I wish I’d known when I was there, it’s that the relationships you have with your classmates are just about the most important thing you’ve got for getting your careers started. Some people can jump right into solo freelancing, but most of… Read more »