Bachelor of Fine Arts Program (BFA)

The Painting and Printmaking Department has a national reputation, based on the professional profiles of our faculty and on the outstanding accomplishments of the students who graduate from our department. We are one of the largest departments of Painting and Printmaking in the country. All of the other departments in the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University developed from the Painting and Printmaking Department, which was established in 1928. For over 70 years we have made significant contributions to the development of the School of the Arts’ reputation as one of the premier art schools in the country.

The Painting And Printmaking Major

Painting, Drawing and Printmaking form the core of our major. Students may concentrate in Painting, Printmaking, or both. Much of a student’s time as a major is spent developing basic and advanced skills in these disciplines.

We have excellent facilities in both analog and digital approaches to studio practice. Painting studios are large and light-filled. Print studios cover intaglio, lithography, screen printing, and digital media. The Center for Digital Printmaking, founded in 2005, fosters terrific opportunities for added dialogue and exchange regarding fast media and slow knowledge in the 21st century.

Majors take 40 credits in the core areas of Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, 2 credits of Senior Seminar and an additional 10 credits in departmental studio or lecture courses.

Additional credits enable students to take electives in any of the Visual or Performing Arts. (Crafts, Photography, Sculpture and Dance)


The VCU School of the Arts believes that art is inclusive.
Therefore, this diversity policy establishes that the
School of the Arts accepts and welcomes all people by
maintaining and celebrating diversity within our student
body, faculty and staff. The School of the Arts provides
equal opportunity and prohibits discrimination according
to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age,
and sexual orientation in accord with University Policy.
To support this policy and to stimulate understanding,
the School of the Arts will establish forums to explore
diversity in education, arts and design. We believe that
to achieve educational excellence, we must value and
practice inclusion.