Painter Stanley Rayfield: Purity in Art

Stanley Rayfield (B.F.A. ’09) creates powerful portraits, capturing the inner core of his subjects. He paints from the heart and wants his artwork to bring others joy. His Christian faith is a driving force in his work and current success as an artist. Rayfield says, “I want to be honest and pure in what I do.”

From private commissions to a teaching workshop, it has been a busy year for Rayfield. His paintings were exhibited at the Morris Gallery in Augusta, Ga., where he was the youngest artist featured. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts added Rayfield’s painting “Black Jesus” to its permanent collection, he had an opening at the Glave Kocen Gallery, and he was a guest on Virginia This Morning.

Rayfield, pictured right on Virginia This Morning, has worked hard as a portrait artist. His education at VCUarts in communication arts laid the foundation for his professional achievements. He was influenced by faculty members Alex Bostic and Albert Epshteyn who challenged him to be more introspective and take risks in his drawing. Epshteyn recalls, “Stanley was exceptional. He had a yearning for knowledge. I always knew he wanted to achieve. That passion is what helped him become an artist.”

This article originally appeared in the VCUarts Studio Newsletter, spring 2016. To read more from this addition, or to browse other VCUarts publications, head over to the VCUarts website.


July 14, 2016