Degree Structure

Degree Program Structure

The summer masters in Music Education is intended to be completed in three consecutive summer sessions and is structured into three cognate areas: Music Education, Music Pedagogy and Professional Education.

Music Education Cognate courses and electives in Music Pedagogy and Professional Education Cognates are offered on a rotating basis. This structure permits the student to enter the program at any given point in the sequence, and complete the degree in three summers.

The student will apply for candidacy following the completion of 18 credit hours. It is recommended that students enroll in eight to nine credit hours each summer; project/thesis credits are earned through online enrollment during the fall/spring semester and in residency during that final summer session following admittance to candidacy.


Music Education Cognate – 13 credits
MUED 600 Seminar in Music Education, three credits
MUED 610 Psychology of Music, three credits
MUED 620 Introduction to Research in Music Education, three credits
MUED 799 Thesis (or project), four credits

Music Pedagogy Cognate – 11 credits minimum
To be determined by student and adviser, with adviser approval. May include MUSC 611, 612, 690 and other graduate-level MUSC, MHIS, APPM, MUED courses

Professional Education Cognate – 6 credits
A focus on areas of education of interest to student to be determined by student and adviser, with adviser approval. May include EDUS 605, 607, 662, 673, 701; ADMS 600, 606, 611; ADLT 631; and other School of Education graduate (600-level) offerings

In order to develop a scholarly cohort, the Music Education Cognate course is the first offered each summer and is the one course required of all students. Students will meet as a group for the full week of the course, with the final portion of each Music Education Cognate course conducted online for the remainder of the summer session. Students read and discuss each other’s written work and research papers. This process of meeting as a group creates a community of scholarship and networking, encouraging and developing educators to become leaders in their fields.

Following the Music Education Cognate course, the students will select and take elective courses in the Music Pedagogy and Professional Education Cognates, providing additional opportunities to work with fellow students in an area of specific common interest.