Graduate Program

Summer Master’s of Music Education Degree Program

The Master of Music in Music Education at VCU is designed to provide the opportunity for advanced, graduate study for the practicing professional music educator. It is the goal of the Department of Music that successful graduates emerge as leaders and innovators in the profession.

The curricular goal of the program is to provide flexibility in addressing the individual pedagogical interests of each student as well as provide the framework and foundations needed for continued advanced study in Music Education at the doctoral level. As part of this design, the degree is designed to be a three-summer program, including the Graduate School’s required continuous enrollment following admittance to candidacy (fall and spring semesters prior to third summer).  This design provides a “real-world” option for the practicing music educator to enter graduate study.

This goal is met through three main outcomes:

Understanding research in Music Education

  • Student will demonstrate the ability to locate, assess, and utilize current research in music learning and teaching.

Understanding broad issues in Music Education

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the history, current practices, and future trends in Music Education.

Develop advanced pedagogical skills

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of advanced pedagogical skills in an area of focus (choral, instrumental and general music education).

Curricular information is available through the VCU Bulletin. For the list of summer 2019 courses, click here.