Q & A with Victor Dvoskin About His Career



Your Crystal Ball

—From approximately what age did you think: “I’m going to be a musician for my career”?
14 years old.

—Has your career taken the path you had envisioned back then?
Approximately yes.



—Do you feel as though your formal musical studies provided you an anchor for your current career?


Likes and Dislikes

—What’s the best part of your current, music-related career?
It is a great meditative pleasure to create music on the spot in jazz or to interpret classical piece with a lot of rehearsing.

—What’s the worst part?
You must practice constantly!


Ups and Downs

—Name up to five people who inspired and/or made a pronounced difference in achieving your musical goals—and in a brief phrase, tell why for each. (We’ll take for granted that you have to leave out many other deserving names.)
John Coltrane and Bill Evans: deep thinkers and geniuses (and a hundred others).

Don’t name—but loosely describe—how one or more persons discouraged you from being a musician (or from entering your current music-related career).


Favorite Recordings

—Name up to three, single-CD recordings that simply provide you great personal listening pleasure every time you hear them.
Keith Jarrett Trio, John Coltrane Quartet, early Bill Evans Trio.


Parting Thoughts

—If you could give only one sentence of advice to a high school or college student considering a career in music, what would you say?
Versatile preparedness.

—And what’s the best way someone school-age could prepare to do what you currently do?
Commitment as early as practically possible. Do not look back.