Dr. Yin Zheng, piano, kicks off spring “Journey” Series with Mozart

For classical music artists, mastering the work of a favorite composer is not only a lifelong goal, but an opportunity to understand the composer’s inspiration and thought process intimately. Usually, getting any closer, beyond the written work of long-deceased classical music composers, is an impossibility.

Although Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been dead for 223 years, Dr. Yin Zheng found herself closer to him than most modern musicians will ever get to experience. In July, Dr. Yin Zheng recorded the complete Sonatas for Piano and Violin by Wolfgang A. Mozart with violinist Bin Huang, Gold Medalist of the prestigious Paganini and Munich ARD International Violin Competitions.

“It’s an incredibly visceral experience to play on Mozart’s own instruments, to have his manuscripts and letters right in front of us, and to walk every street he once set his foot on,” Dr. Zheng said.

“From the artist stand point, it is an extremely immersive experience and ambitious undertaking to record all 16 mature sonatas for Piano and Violin by Mozart,” said Dr. Zheng. “It took us multiple trips to Salzburg where we had the privilege to study and research on the topic at the Bibliotheca Mozartiana.

As if recording 16 sonatas wasn’t enough, Dr. Zheng gained a new appreciation for Mozart and his work. “We have gained much more insightful understanding of the compositional process and performance practice after studying and comparing his facsimiles and first editions. I have also discovered, apart from some of the popular sonatas, some lesser-known gems in this collection and am excited to introduce them to my students,” Dr. Zheng said.

Journey with Mozart begins the first of several “Journey” concerts. The second, Journey to Eastern Europe, will take place at VCU in April. Dr. Zheng will be performing alongside two of Richmond Symphony’s talented musicians.