VCU faculty | September 2013: a new album, travel abroad, and a grant.

Dr. Tabatha Easley and Dr. Sonia Vlahcevic each presented at the College Music Society International Conference in Buenos Aries. Linda Johnston also volunteered at the CMS.

This fall, Antonio Garcia will be teaching a course entitled “Jazz Journeys” through VCU’s Commonwealth Society, which offers non-credit classes to those in the community. He will also be presenting at the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement “National Engage Conference” in the United Kingdom in November on the subject of jazz, civil rights, and community engagement as a means to greater understanding. His co-authored article “VCU Jazz Students, Faculty Members Connect with South African Counterparts from UKZN”  appears in Downbeat Magazine‘s October issue.

William Messerschmidt performed in Washington, DC with The Capital Band at the conventions of the Headhunters and The American Hospital Association. He also gave the premier performance of an original snare drum solo at the annual convention of The United States Association of Rudimental Drummers in PA, which is scheduled to be published by Honey Rock Music.

Rex Richardson was an artist-in-residence at Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England, a featured headline artist at the Italian Brass Week Festival in Cesena and Bertinoro, Italy, a featured headline artist at the International Belgian Brass Academy. He also performed as guest soloist with the Chicago Brass Band at the World Music Championships in the Netherlands.

Rebecca Tyree won a Virginia Commission for the Arts grant over the summer in support of the Vocal Arts Project.

Kenneth Wood traveled to England over the summer to pursue his research of Victorian art song.

Darryl Harper‘s newest album, The Edenfred Files, has recently been released on Hipnotic Records. The album features Matthew Parrish on bass, Harry “Butch” Reed on drums, and pianist Kevin Harris. Harper has also been recording some original work and several commissions by Helen Sung, Freddie Bryant, Gregory Bullen, Xavier Davis, and Ayn Inserto this summer. The album was reviewed by NPR’s Fresh Air .