Internship FAQ

How do I get one?

Ask around! Find a friend who has previously completed an internship.

Take the initiative! Connect with the people at the organization through e-mail or in person. Go to the events that the organization hosts to show your support and dedication!

Network Online! Join and participate on professional websites like LinkedIn, Meetup, or Zerply.

There are also a surplus of internship and job postings on VCU Hirerams!

The administrative office does not have internships to hand out. Once in a while we hear of an opportunity and pass it along but most students find them on their own.

What eligibility requirements are there to get school credit for an internship?

Anyone can snag an internship from the employer of their choice. To get credit for it on your VCU transcript, students must have a 3.0 GPA, obtain approval from the department chair, and then REGISTER for those credits.

Will I need an override?

Yes. That’s how you know your internship has been approved.

How do I get approved?

To secure an internship, the student and the Internship Supervisor must complete a Learning Agreement form and submit it to the Internship Coordinator (Stephanie Thulin,

All you need to do is write up the details: What company are you with? What will be your job responsibilities? What do you hope to gain from the experience, etc. Most importantly, include the number of hours you’ll be given and your supervisor’s name and contact info – this person will assign your grade at the end of your term.

Once the Internship Coordinator has approved the internship, the student may enroll in KINE 492: Internship and the credits will appear on your schedule like any other “class”.

Is there a cost?

Because it operates on your schedule as a “class” you will be billed tuition for those credits. If you have questions about tuition or financial aid, please direct those to the appropriate offices, not the KI office.

If you are not doing an internship for class credit, you should be getting paid or be given a stipend.

If you are currently doing an internship make sure you are either getting paid, getting credit, or both. If you are not getting either, contact Professor Turner immediately.

The organization wants to interview me, who can I ask for help?

VCU has a professional career advising team at the VCU Career Services. You can schedule a meeting with an advisor through HireRams. These advisors can help prep you and give you the tools you’ll need to succeed. Not only do they aid with interviews, they can also help you put together your resume. Use the VCU Career Services to your advantage while you have it!

Are there any forms that I need to fill out during the internship?

Yes! To complete an internship, the student must log a minimum of 40 working hours per credit earned – this does NOT include lunch/dinner breaks or time spent commuting to/from the job site. Students should use the Hours Log to record the time spent and tasks completed each day. It is also required that the student save samples of work produced.

How do credits and hours work?

1 credit = 40 hours of work so to equal a 3-credit class, your employer will need to guarantee a minimum of 120 hours. If they cannot guarantee 120 hours, that’s okay! You have the option to register for only 1 credit (40 hours) or 2 credits (80 hours) but this must be determined in advance so that you can register and pay tuition accordingly.

I’ve finished my internship, what now?

At the end of the internship, the Site Supervisor will review the student’s performance, by completing an Employer Evaluation. The student will evaluate the internship experience by completing a Student Evaluation.

The following should be submitted by 12pm on the last day of classes:

  • Completed Hours Log, signed by both the student and the Site Supervisor
  • Samples of work produced
  • Competed Student Evaluation
  • Completed Employer Evaluation

Finally, the student should schedule a meeting with the Internship Coordinator to discuss the internship experience. This meeting is required and should take place during finals week, after the Internship Coordinator has reviewed the submitted materials. Failure to meet deadlines will result in an automatic “F” for the course. Exceptions to this rule are extenuating circumstances (medical, family, legal, religious, technical), which should be accompanied by written documentation (where applicable).

Grades: The final grade for the internship will be based on the quality of work produced and the timely submission of all required documentation: Hours Log, samples of work produced, Student Evaluation, and the Employer Evaluation.

Good luck on your internship hunting and completion!

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Internship Coordinator:

Stephanie Thulin