Attendance Policy

Out of respect for your peers and to foster the most professional working environment, a rigid attendance policy is to be observed at all times. Punctuality, preparedness, and ability to meet deadlines are considered in the assessment of your progress.

Two absences per semester are allowed due to the inevitable car problem, illness, or family emergency. Reserve these two absences for emergencies. Any absence over two will result in a lowered final grade for the course. If there are unavoidable emergencies please communicate these in writing to your instructor. Do not put the instructor into the position of having to determine if an absence is “excused” or not. There are no “excused” absences other than those noted in the university guidelines (military or university service).

If you miss a class, please get the information you have missed from a classmate and be prepared for the next class.

Coming to class late or leaving earlier is disruptive. Be aware that two tardies becomes one absence. A tardy is being over ten minutes late for class OR leaving class ten minutes before it is dismissed. These add up quickly so be diligent.
Full participation in every critique is always mandatory. There is no more important part of your education. A death in the family or a note from a doctor is the only excuse considered for missing a critique. Note that a missed critique or exam results in an automatic “F” for that project or portion of the course.

The policy is:

  • 2 absences allowed per semester
  • 2 tardies equals one absence
  • Critiques are mandatory