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The MFA in Fine Arts/Kinetic Imaging expands the field of video art, experimental animation, sound art and emerging media through the production of works of art that explore the artist’s relationship to culture and society. Potential works will include media projects that take such forms as the poem, the essay, the video sculpture, and the installation, and that embrace both narrative and experimental approaches. In a world that increasingly uses moving images and sounds to communicate information, influence opinion, and push the boundaries of popular entertainment, our program will enable students to produce creative works that contribute to and challenge the rapidly evolving dialogue in media arts. It is expected that our graduate students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to extend the practice of video/animation/sonic arts into their connections with contemporary issues in visual culture
  • Build an awareness of contemporary and historical definitions of art that will influence their creative work
  • Develop and implement professional practices
  • Take full advantage of the program’s resources

The Kinetic Imaging MFA is a studio-based, fine art program initiated in the Fall of 2007. It is a two-year curriculum of 60 academic credits. The program is designed to support 4-8 graduate students.

Applicants whose lived experiences inform worldviews and/or perspectives about minority group status — including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and disability — are encouraged to apply. All applications are evaluated and considered for any available graduate funding awards.

We invite prospective graduate students to tour the facilities, speak with faculty and graduate students, and find out about the KI Graduate Program directly from us. Please contact, Orla Mc Hardy, Graduate Program Director, at to schedule a visit.

Deadlines for applications are January 15, with Fall semester admissions only. International applicants should apply by December 15.

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Our Current Graduate Students:

Jared Duesterhaus
Yonghun Jung
Martha Glenn
Brook Vann
Eric Millikin









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MFA students have come from a variety of disciplines, from dance, music composition, to ceramics. The unifying factor is the migration into moving image and audio environments, be it through installation, performance, interaction or projection.

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