KI Alum, Onirologia, Releases Debut Album “O”

Huge congratulations to KI Alum, Costintino Toth (Class of 2017), aka Onirologia, for the release of their debut album, “O”!

Mixed, mastered, and produced by Onirologia, “O” was the culmination of years of study and developing a sound art practice in Kinetic Imaging. Onirologia’s work focuses on “the marriage between traditions and interruptions” as their bandcamp profile reads. In their own words, ” ‘O’ was created by using pre-existing materials that pertain to my personal upbringing and country of origin…Contrafact, clipping, and ambience become metaphors for the immigrant experience. This music is a reconnection to an analysis of the Italian culture that I’m estranged from.”

You can find the album for download and streaming here. There is a lyric booklet available as a pdf and links to the pre-existing materials mentioned above on the albums bandcamp page. Also, be sure to check out Onirologia’s Soundcloud !

Published on September 20, 2017

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