Sara Bouchard

My work explores the intersection of sound, story and environment through an interdisciplinary approach encompassing performance, installation, songwriting and visual media. My research focuses on the natural world and its relationship to American history and folklore. I am currently investigating ways to represent the landscape through the framework of song, experimenting with practices which contrast personal and communal experience.

Through a process I consider akin to divination practices, I uncover the “song” embedded in found material—sound, text, data, physical matter. The resulting works, experienced over time, explore line, pattern, voice and/or language and may or may not take the traditional form of a song. My work is informed by a diversity of musical traditions—from the African-American spiritual to the American Indian corn-grinding song—and speaks to the importance of landscape in these histories and to today’s growing concern regarding our ecological future. My works create an intimate space in which I give voice to inanimate objects, find immediacy in the vastness of history and landscape and even play the part of oracle.