Mariam Eqbal

I wonder about approximation. How can a circle ever be measured if pi, the tool for measuring it, is itself infinite? And what makes a fraction repeat and never reach completion? I think about things breaking into smaller things like matter decaying into molecules and particles. I think about numbers and count, and wonder about time as a collection of loops, as small repetitive oscillations within one big development, like waves in an ocean. Matter seems to continuously churn, rearranging itself in space, changing, folding in and out of itself, endlessly. As millions of hearts beat in sync, the quarks and gluons wildly whiz around, the waves crash and the oyster slowly unifies water and sand together, I wonder what it is all becoming. How does one quantify an island when the tide is always shifting, tearing at its shore with every current? How does one measure a tree when the seeds are always falling? How does one amount some thing that has not yet completed the process of becoming?