Joshua Alan Emery

Born in 1981 in rural western Pennsylvania, Joshua Alan Emery is an interdisciplinary artist currently residing in Richmond, Virginia where he is pursuing his MFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University. Emery’s work ranges from large-scale interactive multi-media installations to mixed media sculptures and collages. Emery’s recent projects deal primarily with themes of identity, domesticity, and authorship in a contemporary world by exploring the relationship between virtuality and actuality. Many of the pieces are derived from personal narratives but allow multiple nodes of intent and interpretation through his use of material, form, and interactivity. Emery has exhibited nationally and internationally in museums, institutions, galleries, public spaces, stores, and tattoo shops across the United States, Canada, England, Italy, and Poland including: the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Museum of Russian Art, the Erie Art Museum, the Sienna Art Institute, etc. He enjoys electronics, wood-working, and writing about himself in the third person.