Carl Patow

At its heart, my art is about identity. That is, those personal characteristics that are unique and individual. What makes identity? Is it now as much digital as innate? Every day, as we travel, trade, and communicate we leave bits of our digital identity behind. How is it gathered, morphed, exploited and sold?  

My videos and installations explore identity through transfigurations of images and mutations from the familiar to the unexpected. The visual evolutions can be subtle, like a memory or a spirit, or radical, deconstructed and completely dissociated. I’m also experimenting with video as a medium. Recently, I’ve moved the video screen off the wall. I’ve included lenses and small opaque sculptural elements to refract the light coming from the video monitor, creating micro-fields of visual interest. I’m projecting video onto unusual surfaces, such as snow-white camouflage netting and automobile headlights to create unique visual effects. I enjoy flow, energy, distortion, and surprise.

The tensions that shape our identity, such as constancy and evolution, certainty and risk, self-preservation and overwhelming desire fascinate me. They drive my art.