Patrick Power (1969 – 2007)

“Foolishness as the ancestor of wisdom. Stopping as a way of moving forward. Circles moving within circles moving within circles. The evolutionary narrative. The endless mystery as it unravels across time and space. These things never happened but always were.”

This page is dedicated to our dear friend and esteemed former colleague at VCU, Patrick Power.  Patrick was an inspiration to us all, a magnificent person, loving and creative.

Patrick was born in Williamsburg, VA in 1969 and later received a degree in Cinematography from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He began his academic career there teaching Web Design in the Communication Arts Department of the School of the Arts and in 2007 he received his Masters of Fine Arts in Electronic Integrated Art from Alfred University in Alfred, NY. He was an innovative Photographer and experimental Filmmaker.

“I believe in the democratization of art through the web. I have never shown my work in a physical gallery.”  – Patrick Power

Patrick’s YouTube Channel


Though I was privileged to know Patrick Power for a little over one year, to say that his impression is lasting is an understatement. A fun loving, kind, intelligent man, his love for his family knew no bounds. His wit and keen observations were unmatched in Alfred. You are loved Patrick, Dawn and P3.

— Joe Bigley

One thing that people may not remember about Patrick is that he was incredibly prolific. Every observation was a potential source for a video. Every cloud was the subject of a video. I have this great memory of being on a drive in the country with Patrick, Matt Flowers and Rachel Hilton on a weekend evening. A group of teenagers were dancing in the parking lot of a gas station. Patrick was so determined to document them – but ideally without a confrontation – that he ended up with his camera hidden under a parked car, just to get a shot of their feet. It was funny but also sweet and poetic.

— Stephen Vitiello, former colleague and collaborator

What touched me most about Patrick was his unrelenting commitment to his students. Patrick loved his students, and we knew he would do anything for us. His teaching style was approachable, community driven, and above all else fun. Now, years later, I find myself in a teaching position at a university, and I always think back to Patrick. So much of my passion for art and teaching came from those wonderful moments spent with Patrick in his classes. I truly have him to thank for so much of how I conduct my classes and interact with my students. He was such an inspiration.

— Erin Zerbe, KI Alumna and Former Adjunct

He was one of the most thought provoking people I ever met.

 — Andrew Deutsch, Sonic artist and Professor

I still miss Patrick; even though I did not know him for very long in my life; what times we did speak still pop into my memory from time to time… what traits I Identified in him as being “slack-tastic” when I was still young and idealistic I now find to have more wisdom than I first perceived at the time… for much of what we invest our worry in with our daily working tasks… is truly meaningless on the universal scale… where as a simple walk through the woods holds great value.

— Rodger Perry