Mariam Eqbal

Adjunct Professor

BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University
MFA in Kinetic Imaging, Virginia Commonwealth University

Drawing, Installation, Performance, Animation, Video, and Sound

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Mariam Eqbal (b. 1977, Lahore, Pakistan) is a Pakistani-American artist working with drawing, installation, performance, animation, video and sound.

Eqbal’s work has been screened and exhibited across the United States and internationally, including, Great Britain, Columbia, the Netherlands, India, and Canada, as well as, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogota, Columbia (2017), Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, Virginia (2017), and at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia (2015). Eqbal is an Affiliate Graduate Faculty for the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and an adjunct professor in the Department of Arts and Humanities at the University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia.