illustrated landscape featuring brown structures

A collaborative VR game designed by Kinetic Imaging students Aliyah Decker, Caitlin Dinoia, Michael Shea, El Tucker, and Tay Williams was featured in the December 2019 issue of Digital America. The student-run online journal focuses on experimental internet art and new perspectives on popular culture, digital culture, and art.

“when the seasons change my feelings change,” was developed for associate professor Semi Ryu’s “Virtual Interactive Worlds” class, and leads participants through the Kubler-Ross five stage model of grief. Viewers are drawn through colorful, geometric landscapes that encourage them to draw connections between their emotions and the environment.

when the seasons change my feelings change from Aliyah Decker on Vimeo.

In a Q&A with Digital America, Decker elaborates on the group’s process of creating a three-dimensional VR experience, and explains how the technology can facilitate changes in self-awareness.

“Our piece is less concerned about the technology (amazing as it is), and rather more concerned with how the technology can influence a narrative and an experience,” Decker says. “It’s less about the goggles that you’re wearing and more about the isolation and meditation it brings you. The human interaction within the piece is most important to us.”


January 28, 2020