Kinetic Imaging professor featured in Kanal museum in Brussels

Kinetic Imaging professor Stephen Vitiello is featured in the inaugural exhibition at the Kanal in Brussels, a museum driven by the Paris-based Center Pompidou. Bernard Blistène, its director, unveiled some pieces and the guidelines of its programming.

How were the works of the prefiguration chosen, and what is the thread?
The red thread is the building, designed in the 1930s by André Citroën, with its former showroom and workshop. We needed to work in the direction of its architectural and social history. I reveal some examples. The old sheet metal will house a history of sheet metal sculpture. In the old offices, we will develop an exhibition on administration and work. The interior is in Citroën colors, red and white: from our collections of architecture and design, we will reflect on the meaning of these colors and create an exhibition on red and another on white. Many works will revolve around the place of mechanics, with names like Rauschenberg, Tinguely. Upstairs, the proportions of the building are such that one can exhibit works on the scale 1.

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Image: Stephen Vitiello and featuring School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community student Natalie Schwartz. Credit:  Diego Valdez


May 3, 2018