KI Students Bring Ancient Greece to Life at VMFA

A Hippalektryon ridden through a nature scene by its rider.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ newest exhibition collects an impressive variety of art from Ancient Greece, each depicting the role of horses in Greek life. From pottery to poetry, the Greeks showed off their horses in war, competition, hunting and mythology.

But the world of ancient art can seem especially foreign to visitors who may be behind on their B.C. history. To immerse museumgoers into the world of Ancient Greece, the VMFA teamed up with Chair of Kinetic Imaging Pam Turner to integrate interactive animations into the gallery experience.

Visitors who drop by the free exhibition will be treated to a touch screen display that brings an ancient vase’s mythical icons to life, and a virtual reality demo that depicts a 360-degree view of a Greek symposium populated by wining and dining equine.

The project was central to a class taught by Turner, who granted her students creative control over the animations. To get their facts just right, Turner and her class consulted with Dr. Peter J. Schertz, VMFA Jack and Mary Frable Curator of Ancient Art, along with his education and interpretation associates at the museum.

The Horse in Ancient Greek Art is open Feb. 17 through July 8, 2018. Visit the gallery to see the animations in-person, or check them out on YouTube (The virtual reality “Horsymposium” requires mobile YouTube app).


February 21, 2018