VCUarts Photography + Film professor John Freyer continues to offer free hot coffee to people who are coping with addiction as a part of his Fifty/Fifty Art Project. WCVE took a closer look at the project through a conversation with Freyer himself.

John Freyer: When I went into recovery I started to listen to people. And spent hours with people, talking, which was really foreign to the lifestyle I had before–I think I was always talking…uh and never listening.

Free Hot Coffee Bike works in tandem with two other of his projects. One called Free Ice Water, the other Free Hot Super, where strangers share a glass of H20 or a hot meal. All are part of a larger project called Fifty/Fifty which revolve s around creating a space for conversation.

Freyer: My main kind of working practice is to work with accidental audiences. I’m really interested in seeing people who just kind of accidentally fall into one of my projects. And they can get a cup of coffee and walk away or they can get a cup of coffee and engage and stay for a conversation and hang out.

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Image: In Monroe Park, student Carter Bain rides the Free Hot Coffee Bike, which was designed to engage people in converation about recovery. Credit via WCVE.


November 26, 2018