jeff foster illustration

Jeff Foster, Associate Director

As Associate Director with the Center for Creative Economy, VCUarts, Jeff forges relationships within VCUarts, the university community, as well as, external local, regional and national commercial entities. Further, he works as an Adjunct Professor- Idea Accelerator Arts 352-001, as well as, Mentorpreneur- CoLab Internship Arts 498. In addition, he works in the research areas of entrepreneurship practice, creative business case modeling, innovative product, program and service development and ideation to commercialization.

With a deep interest in the experience of the entrepreneur coupled with 20+ years of living as an entrepreneur, Jeff has accumulated a unique skill set as a business developer, consultant, producer, conceptualist, innovator and educator.

His career is marked by his unique ability to envision next step innovations, market trends, niches and opportunities.

Starting his career in film and video production contributing and producing documentaries, short films and commercial / industrial spots, Jeff quickly moved into the Internet service industry forming a consultancy spanning 10+ years of digital technology innovation.

His career opened the opportunity to work in most industries, including higher education, healthcare, technology, design, marketing, advertising, government, agriculture and commodities.

Currently, Jeff has a devout interest in product, program and service innovation deriving viable solutions to need-sets and problems to be solved.

Excited about the future of entrepreneurship, Jeff is in a unique position to mentor up and coming aspiring entrepreneurs.