Studio Environment

The VCUarts Department of Interior Design is located within the Pollak Building. We offer a studio learning environment that emphasizes collaboration, not competition. We strive to do our best work and to be our best selves. We believe that in order to do so collaboration is essential, and the only competition you need is within yourself.

Our studios are arranged to support student interaction and educational exploration: studios are organized by program and year, so students remain with their cohort throughout their degree. Working alongside the same group of peers fosters community, each studio evolving into its own unique microcosm.

Within our studios, each student has a personal desk and drafting station for the year, and classes are held within the studio to limit the transportation of materials. Each studio is equipped with a computing and scanning station, light boxes, a workstation with model-building and wood-working tools, a materials selection shelf, and critique pin-up boards.

Additional resources, such as the Materials Library, the Model Shop, and the VCUarts GOLab are located within the Pollak Building.