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Students in the BFA and MFA programs are required to complete an internship for credit as part of the program curriculum. There are many opportunities that can meet the internship requirement and on this page are resources to assist you in finding an internship including tips on writing and designing a resume, portfolio, and cover letter, and a list of architecture and design firms, many in the Richmond area, that have employed students from our program in the past few years.

BFA students are eligible to complete an internship for credit after completion of IDES 431 Business Practices and their junior year. Students must enroll in IDES 493 during the semester in which they are employed as interns.

MFA candidates are eligible after completing the first year in the program and must enroll in IDES 693.

BFA Internship Coordinator
Christiana Lafazani,

MFA Internship Coordinators
Rob Ventura,
Christiana Lafazani,


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To formally start and complete your internship and the IDES 493 internship course, you must complete the following:

  • Work contract: You must submit a signed Interior Design Internship Work Contract to the internship coordinator to officially start the internship
  • Complete a minimum of 120 hours (for BFA students) of work at the internship
  • Internship journal: You will keep an internship journal and share the journal with the internship coordinator. The journal will have, at minimum, a weekly entry for logging your daily hours worked for that week, what you accomplished, and thoughts and reflections about your experience
  • Student evaluation: Each student must submit an online evaluation of the internship at the end of the internship
  • Supervisor evaluation: The internship supervisor must submit an online  evaluation of the intern at the end of the semester

It is also a very good practice to send a thank you note to your supervisor and any other staff who have helped you.