Institute for Contemporary Art Featured in NY Times



The Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU is scheduled to open on April 21 with the inaugural exhibition “Declaration,” which features 33 emerging and established artists from Richmond and across the globe.

This is Richmond’s first free-standing institution devoted to contemporary art. Designed by the star architect Steven Holl, it is a dramatically sculptural building clad in luminous glass and zinc, and deftly situated at a historic pivot point in the city, on the edge of the main campus of Virginia Commonwealth University.

“This is the front door, if you will, for all of the different constituents to get together and look at art which will be everything from beautiful to controversial and a place to sift and winnow ideas,” said Joseph Seipel, interim director of the institute and dean emeritus of the university’s School of the Arts.

Read the full article in The New York Times.

Image: The Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond was designed by Steven Holl. Photo by Iwan Baan for the New York Times. 


March 13, 2018