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Web Content Governance

This goal of this page is to provide instruction and guidance about editorial roles and responsibilities for content editors, web content best practices and resources for faculty and staff who maintain content on any webpages associated with an URL.

Please contact Christopher Jones, associate director of web content + strategy, with questions about this guide.

Content editor responsibilities

All VCUarts departments and units with a dedicated web presence must have a designated content editor to maintain their page content (text, image, video, etc.). This editor must have completed VCU mandated accessibility training. To request editor access or to sign up for VCU mandated accessibility training, please contact Christopher Jones, associate director of web content + strategy.

Maintaining content

Content must be regularly kept up-to-date.  Following VCU recommendations, content is considered “out-of-date” if it hasn’t been edited or reviewed in over 12 months.

VCUarts photo library

If you are searching for specific photography, please contact the Communications Office for assistance. We may have images in our library that you are seeking.

Text on images

In general, we discourage you from uploading images used in print posters. The text on the poster may become illegible on small screens (keep in mind, nearly 50% of all visitors on are using a mobile phone). In addition, this practice isn’t compliant with VCU accessibility standards. If text must be on images, please keep it brief—no more than a few words or a short sentence. The words on your image must also be included in the image upload “alt” field in order to meet VCU accessibility standards.


You must ensure that you have the right to use any image or photo that you upload to the website.

Website copy

All copy should be written in AP style. Please visit the VCUarts editorial style guide for extended guidelines on our writing style.

Common issues and best practices

  • Avoid using “click here” for links. All links should reference the content on the page being hyperlinked. For example, instead of “Click here to see web content governance tips” use “Visit the web content governance guide for more information on web content best practices and policies.”
  • This is necessary for web accessibility compliance and serves SEO best practices.
  • Use exclamation points sparingly—no more than once on a page.
  • Use proper heading and subheading structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
  • This helps organize information for your readers and serves SEO best practices.
  • Try not to use bold for headings and subheadings. Use bold and italics for necessary emphasis on words or phrases.
  • Check that bullet punctuation and hierarchy is correct.
  • Ensure that em dashes — are used and not hyphens – , where appropriate.

Video content

You must have the right to embed any videos used on the VCUarts website. When embedding videos on the web or used on social media, the videos must include captions as per VCU accessibility compliance. Captions allow users that may not be able to hear the audio to view the video. In addition, research has shown that captioned videos greatly increase social media engagement and web viewership.

Confidentiality and privacy policy

All editors must ensure that content is in compliance with the VCU privacy policy and FERPA laws.

Additional resources