iCubed Visiting Arts Fellow Showing “Rewind” at York College

Paul Rucker, iCubed Visiting Arts Fellow at the ICA, recently opened his solo show “Rewind” at York College.

Now, amid a backdrop of increased hate crimes and heightened racism, York College this month is featuring an art exhibition that pushes the comfort levels of audiences with a provocative statement on the evolution and inter-connectedness of those forces.

Entitled “Rewind,” Paul Rucker’s study of that difficult history weaves the threads of slavery’s legacy and social injustice with the narratives and symbols of hate, intolerance and police brutality that have permeated the modern-day national consciousness – as names such as Ferguson, Freddie Gray and Trayvon Martin join the timeline of race relations in this country.

Using an arsenal of mixed media – among them textile, video, sculpture and written words – Rucker conceptualizes the forces that have driven racial gulfs in this country, offering images in uncomfortable true-to-life form as well as in the probing abstract.

Read the full review in Pennsylvania Real-Time News.

Photo: From Paul Rucker’s ‘Rewind’ installation at York College. Courtesy of Ivey DeJesus for PENNLIVE.


September 25, 2017