Sean Berg Lecture

Sean Berg Poster

Objects + Methods Lecture Series
Alumni Lecture

Thursday Feb 11 2016
The Depot

Sean Berg is an independent creative maker. A strong education in the foundations of design paired with a heavy DIY attitude resulting from a life immersed in alternative sports and music allow him to confidently work across a wide range of the design and creative landscape. He has a particular passion for motion graphics and animation as well as illustration and screen printing geared towards local artists, makers and musicians. He also focuses on identity and branding design for new small businesses who have a creative outlook on their brands. This calls for a wide variety of uniquely designed materials beyond traditional logo and brand elements including merchandise and packaging, environmental and interior design, murals, signage, constructed objects, etc.
When he is not providing creative services, building and restoring motorcycles allows him to keep his mind occupied and learning.
He is constantly pursuing the goal of merging life and work as one in the same with the idea that if you are passionate about what you are doing you will be inspired to see it come to fruition.