Matthew Woolman


Matt Woolman is currently the Director of Creative Entrepreneurship in the School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University, where he leads a school-wide mission to transform entrepreneurship from a supplementary activity to an integrated culture that maximizes the exploitation of creativity, knowledge and research into innovative products and sustainable ventures. He defines potential fields of collaboration with academic disciplines and industry; and develops dynamic intra-curricular and co-curricular programming to prepare students and alumni to utilize their arts education in unique and rewarding ways.

Previously, Matt served a similar role as the first Director of Design Entrepreneurship & Industry Affiliations on the VCU campus in Qatar. Prior to that, Matt served as Chair of the Department of Graphic Design on the Richmond campus.

As Director of Design Entrepreneurship & Industry Affiliations at VCU-Qatar, Matt developed and implemented an overall vision of design entrepreneurship through curriculum, programs, and other institution-wide efforts. He designed and implemented strategies for collaboration between VCU-Qatar and external organizations, and collaborated closely with the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs, and the Director of the Center for Research in Design on research-oriented activities, practices and projects. Matt’s key accomplishments included establishing the VCU-Qatar Industry Affiliate Program, a model for structuring mutually beneficial relationships with industry and community organizations. Student-led projects in this program generated over US$150,000 in scholarships and other revenue for the university in during Matt’s tenure.

Matt’s primary research and professional practice addresses the influences of information and communication technologies on the evolution of language and learning. He has authored and co-authored ten books related to this, including the best-selling Type in Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics. His other books explore the topics of motion design; the relationship of music and the visual arts/design; and information visualization. Matt is currently developing a book on the design and visualization of business models.

Matt founded PLAID Studios as a channel for his design research and professional practice. As Principal and Creative Director, Matt possesses the unique combination of intuitive thinking and analytical discipline, and is passionate about design and its role as a strategic business asset. He consults with technology companies in the areas of design, ideation, and usability; and universities and colleges in design curriculum development and evaluation. Matt is currently involved with the development of several start-up technology companies. | 804.827.1868