Kelsey Elder


Kelsey Elder is a designer and artist whose studio practice investigates the overlaps of lowrider car culture, signage, and strip mall landscapes as space making practices and perpetuators of contemporary conditions in American graphic design. Hailing from the true North (Detroit by way of Minneapolis), Elder grew up grazing cold knuckles while wrenching away in the garage on cars and motorcycles. Aiding in a compulsive habit to document signage worldwide, Elder runs a lifestyle and clothing company, Lowered Values, and spends summers traveling the country to sponsor car shows with LV’s pop-up shop and a variety of custom cars/motorcycles LV has built… Additionally, Elder is the sole owner of a small type foundry called Lowered Case, which he uses as a platform to publish typefaces that investigate how de-skilled landscapes attribute to—and define—senses of community identity.

Elder’s client list includes Rhymesayers Entertainment, Fifth Element, Cranbrook Art Museum, and Open Road Tuning, and has been recognized and featured in various publications and galleries. This past year, he was named ‘Designer-To-Watch’ by GD USA,  ‘Fresh Blood’ by AIGA, and has most recently lectured at The New School in NYC. He received his BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.