Graphic Design Senior Reflects on Collaborative Experience

Thomas Tonapi is graduating this semester from the Department of Graphic Design and is appreciative of the unique experiences VCU provided.

One of Tonapi’s proudest moments at VCU was working on a Capital One project to make call center agents’ work less stressful and tedious. He was ecstatic to have a real, measurable impact on improving everyday lives.

Pursuing the da Vinci Center’s Product of Innovation certificate was equally amazing, he said.

“I cannot stress enough how great this course was. What made it so unique and memorable was the ardent commitment of each student in the program and the level of cross-disciplinary collaboration,” Tonapi said. “The program taught me how to better work in a team, problem solve and time manage challenging projects. I’m so glad VCU pushes programs that break departmental barriers and allow the university to feel like one big family.”

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Image by Allen Jones for VCU News.


December 7, 2017