I Saw My Breath Outside This Morning.

“In this universe, where the least things control the greatest, where the faintest breath that breathes can move a world.”

-Wordsworth, William

Yesterday, was the first day of the fall semester that it has been cold enough out to see my breath. This is significant. Why you ask? Because everything goes hand in hand with this event.

#1. The leaves have reached their “breath- taking” color peak.  (You see where I’m going with this? ) If you get the opportunity within the next week or so, check out a rural neighborhood or even our Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway about an hour and a half from our VCU Campus. Around this time each year, our trees are full of color and are a remarkable site that shows the extraordinary beauty of autumn.

#2. Seeing our breathe tells our belly that it is officially hot cocoa season. I tell you what, I love some hot cocoa on a cold day with some large gooey marshmallows. It makes your belly smile which makes you smile and makes your day smile even though it’s its cold enough outside to see your breathe. So cheers to a great cup of cocoa whether your studying for a big exam or socializing with a great group of roommates. It makes the world go around, you know.

#3. If you see your breath, it officially declares it scarf season. Scarves bring loads of warmth and fashion but most of all their the greatest cuddle bugs. They are great at multitasking on these cold days. They’ll curl around your neck or even double up as a little blanket to keep those toes warm. Therefore, they are always by your side in the coldest of days, keeping you warm and cozy.

#4. Our breathe tells us that the winter season is just around the corner. November begins in exactly one week and the next thing we know, the weather man will declare our first snow extravaganza. Fuzzy mittens, knitted hats and sumo jackets will be in use just a couple months from now, so go out and enjoy the last month of our autumn season.

Furthermore, lets look forward to these days where we can wrap up in our favorite sweater, grab your favorite animal mug and fill it with some delicious hot cocoa and take a trip to see the beauty of the Virginian mountains. Remember, seeing your breathe is just the beginning.


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Amelia Langford