Giving Students a Voice: Angelique Scott

Angelique Scott knows the power of her own voice. As a double major in Art Education and Craft/Material Studies, she has used her leadership and skill to demonstrate the positive values of learning and self-expression. At VCUarts, she was able to create the organization BASE (Black Art Student Empowerment). In her words, it was a means to “give both students of color and non-black students an opportunity to connect and collaborate across departments.”

Scott says that professors and chairs from the two programs she has been a part of have encouraged her to tackle any perceived challenges head-on. In addition to BASE, her African-infused artwork has drawn from Ghana’s traditional pottery-making and, in one enormous clay piece, even supplanted the four faces of Mount Rushmore with four contemporary African-American musicians.

Always receptive to the wisdom of others, Scott says one of her fondest memories as an undergraduate was her visit to the Teach Appresh Ball, a celebration of Richmond’s teachers. “It’s a night usually hosted at Try Me gallery,” she says, “where visiting artists (in this instance Sonya Clark) do an intimate Q&A with the audience who consists of teachers, professors, undergraduates and graduate students. … I had an amazing time meeting and networking with different teachers and hearing about their experiences and advice.”

In the year following graduation, Scott plans to apply to residencies and internships that will allow her to hone her craft and continue to learn from others.

Photo courtesy of VCUarts.


May 3, 2017