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Who is Stiletto Club?

We are a creative, professional network of fashion design and merchandising alumni and fashion professionals connecting each other to the fashion industry, the fashion community and to the university. Our mission is to assist members in staying abreast of the changes and innovations in the dynamic fashion world and to provide a professional development resource to our alumni. Membership is open to all individuals within the fashion industry including apparel, textiles, accessories, cosmetics and other related areas.

About Stiletto Club

You may ask “Why the stiletto?” Shoes play a significant role in our lives. Since our childhood they have represented something that brings us both happiness and makes us feel powerful. Think about Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, or Cinderella. Who doesn’t love an amazing pair of shoes? And as a person becomes more successful, they move up from Payless or Nine West to Jimmy Choo or Louboutins. Shoes are a sign of success in today’s fashion world, and we hope that as your career matures so will your donations to the Stiletto Club. We ask that your donation represent the cost of just one pair of shoes a year. This donation will support alumni activities, this professional network and by underwriting the cost of new equipment, fashion field trips and student scholarships

What Can Stiletto Club Offer You?