Design Studios for Cotton 2014

Cotton Incorporated: Cut and Sew Knits
1st place: Haley Choi
2nd place: Monica Munoz

Cotton Incorporated: Tree Skirts
1st place: Carlos Ramierez-Santiago
2nd place: Zoe Pulley

Cotton Incorporated: Dresses
1st place: Ronald Jernigan
2nd place:  Haley Choi

Cotton Incorporated: Menswear
1st place: Minkyung Park
2nd place: Rene Velasquez

Cotton Incorporated:  Senior Collections
1st place:  Maggie Arlow
2nd place:  Zoe Sattler

Funding for these projects was awarded through a competitive grant presented to the Department of Fashion by the Importer Support Program of the Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated.



Haley Choi

Monica Munoz

Ron Jernigan

Haley Choi

Minkyung Park

Rene Velasquez

Maggie Arlow

Zoe Sattler

Awards for Fashion Design 2014

Donald E. Breittinger Design Excellence Award:
Alice Kim

Outstanding Design Sophomores:
Carlos Ramierez-Santiago and Jennifer Kim

Outstanding Design Junior:
Emily Muro

Outstanding Design Senior:
Jame’t Jackson

H. Theo Young Scholarship:
Ronald Jernigan

Otti Windmueller Scholarships:
Gabriela Villalon

Stan Heller NAMSB Foundation Award:
Maggie Arlow

Ida and Manuel Perez Award for Best in Show:
Catriona Walpole


Alice Kim

Monica Munoz

Jame't Jackson

Ronald Jernigan

Gabriella Villallon

Maggie Arlow