Rafie Khoshbin at Charleston Fashion Week

“Inspired by the defiance of hope in times of oppression and violence, this collection explores the beauty of human compassion in the darkest and evil times. Beaded, studded fabric and skull lace texturizes darker, painful, and heartache and darker emotions. Furthermore, the red and yellow accent colors are the universal cautionary colors, however, they are also the only colored plants that tend to bloom in freezing and cold temperatures. They give hope to the rest of the living that are asleep. The genocide in Aleppo is a perfect example where hope is not forgotten in its darkest and bloodiest days. A tribute to the brave man, woman and children of Syria and people fighting for justice all around the globe.” 

Rafie Khoshbin, VCU Fashion 2016 B.F.A. graduate, showed his Women’s Avant-Garde Fall/Winter 2017 collection at Charleston Fashion week on March 17. See more photos at http://charlestonfashionweek.com/photos/emerging-designer-rafie-khoshbin.


Design aesthetic:
“Constantly rediscovering contemporary silhouettes and incorporating traditional hand-work.”

First fashion encounter: “I always played with fabrics as a child but definitely it was Shirley MacLaine’s Coco Chanel in 2008… it completely blew my mind!”

In 5 years: “I feel like if I set a certain goal I may blind myself to an opportunity. In 5 years I began college wanting to pursue medicine and now I am a graduate of fashion design. I just hope to keep moving forward.”

Last thought: “I truly believe that in the darkest and most evil time the beauty of humanity compassion soars. As designers, we are as equally responsible as the politicians to raise our voices and use our art as a vessel for those who’s voices that have be silenced.”