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Artist Panel Discussion for “We Built This House”

March 8, 2021 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Free


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The Anderson


Monday, March 8, 7:00PM

Zoom: https://vcu.zoom.us/j/91896055774


Participating Artists:

Jewel Ham

Amber Robles-Gordon

Nekisha Durrett

Aziza Claudia Gibson-Hunter

Wayson Jones

Larry Cook*

Please join the student curators and artists of “We Built This House” (on view at the Anderson, 2/23–3/10) for an artist panel discussion on Monday, March 8 at 7:00PM – Zoom.

Participating artists will discuss their work within the broader context of Washington D.C.’s contemporary art scene and the role that the arts continue to play in shaping D.C.’s identity—and its residents reality—within contested narratives of local and national politics.

Following opening comments and introductions, the panel discussion will begin at 7:10PM. Student curator questions will conclude at 8:00PM, followed by a 20 minute period of audience Q&A. The program will conclude at 8:20PM.

Exhibition Overview Statement:

In solidarity with the citizens of Washington D.C., WE BUILT THIS HOUSE showcases nine D.C. area artists, highlighting their roles in shaping their communities through art, performance, and storytelling. While D.C. serves as the seat of national power for the United States’ government, it is also home to over 5 million residents. In the midst of the capital city’s ongoing struggle for statehood, and its people’s continued fight for equal representation, this exhibition seeks to re-center the conversation about D.C. by focusing on the strength of D.C.’s long-established art communities, educational institutions, and vibrant music scene. 

WE BUILT THIS HOUSE explores the soul of the nation’s capital, providing space for each artist’s representation and interpretation of their home. It engages its audience, alongside artists and community members, in efforts toward abolition and against gentrification – challenging us to see ourselves in the experiences of others.


*Larry Cook is unable to attend in person but is providing written responses to the discussion questions.

SHOWN: Nekisha Durrett, “Go-Go Belongs Here”, digital print on aluminum with acrylic, 2019