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AFO Annual Exhibition: Command/Evolve

May 1, 2020 - June 30, 2020 Free Public

The AFO Annual Exhibition: Command/Evolve is a showcase of the diversity of work explored and created in the first year by School of the Arts BFA students. It encompasses the overall spirit of the Art Foundation Program at VCUarts.

Command/Evolve was scheduled to be on view in the VCUarts Fine Arts Building at 1000 W. Broad Street, in the lobby and gallery space. In response to COVID-19, we have moved the exhibition to an online virtual (and tropical!) space. The virtual platform allows for avatar interaction and chat. If you sign up at artsteps.com, it will generate an avatar for you to virtually move around the gallery space and engage in conversation.

AFO Annual: Command/Evolve (link will take you directly to the gallery, no sign-up required to view)

Exhibition Statement:

Relationships between the artworks in this exhibition are more than just objects interacting. They are physical manifestations of dialogue and research between classmates, faculty, collaborators, and peers. A strong peer group is fundamental; artists and designers do not work in isolation. The mentorship and relationships forged in Art Foundations remain with our students throughout their lives, both during and after school. This aspect of AFO is prevalent in the work done during remote learning and on view in this exhibition.

The jurors, Will Connally, Sara Feguson, Morgan Herrin, and Alicia Little, selected work that is representative of the AFO mission – work that embodies experimentation, analytic reflection, craft, and conceptual development across all disciplines. The works range from soft sculpture, hyper realistic self portrait drawings in charcoal, explorations of color and pattern in paintings, to poetic stop motion videos that contemplate the new reality that we are living in.

Command/Evolve is a reflection of the persistence and fortitude of VCUarts AFO students, and a rumination of their ability to adapt and thrive in all situations. Despite a global pandemic, the imagination, exploration, creativity, adaptation, and tenacity, of both the AFO faculty and AFO students, prevails. The work continues to be made.

Command/Evolve Artists:

  • Caroline Barry
  • Lindsay Brandt
  • Jennifer Bui
  • Brianna Cappelli
  • Samantha Carlson
  • Cali Carter
  • Amina Coleman-Davis
  • Ella Coyne
  • Jennifer Crilley
  • Aya Daniels
  • Maia Dickerson
  • Kristin Dippolito
  • Mia Donalson
  • Audrey Engel
  • Jason Evans
  • Jordyn Flood
  • Halden Fraley
  • Yumika Fushimi
  • Adora Gamage
  • Christopher Gehrke
  • Sophie Gore
  • Jung Yoon Han
  • Chloe Holl
  • Meihan Hu
  • Lily Ibe
  • Peter Jacobsen
  • Taylor Johnson-Cutrer
  • Levi Keatts
  • Nhan La
  • Verena Lathers
  • Emily Leary
  • Yejin Lee
  • Esther Lee
  • Molly Leraris
  • Syd Lewin
  • Zelda Littlejohn
  • Kyle Maurer
  • Fiona McMichael
  • Megan Meyer
  • Moira Neve
  • Marina Noseck
  • Michael Price
  • Solveig Reda
  • Croix Richardt
  • Emma Rimmer
  • Sam Robinson
  • Madeline Ruffieux
  • Alissa Schneider
  • Hunter Simmons
  • Colleen Topping
  • Hailey Walcott
  • Zoe Webster
  • Clare Wislar
  • Tess Wladar
  • Claire Woolfall
  • Michael “Mac” Woolley
  • Jimin Yoon
  • Sasha Waters Freyer’s Time Studio Group Project
  • Tom Burkett’s Time Studio Class Project