• If in doubt, use lowercase rather than capital letters.
  • Lowercase the names of the classes: graduate, senior, junior, sophomore and freshman.
  • Lowercase commonwealth when referring to Virginia. Example: VCU is located in the commonwealth of Virginia. State is similarly lowercase in all constructions. Example: She visited the state of Maine last fall.
  • Capitalize central when paired with Virginia to describe the region. Example: The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU NICU is the oldest and the newest in Central Virginia as well as the first.
  • Capitalize city if part of a proper name, an integral part of an official name or a regularly used nickname. Example: Because of its location on the James, Richmond is often called the River City. Lowercase elsewhere. Example: The city of Richmond plays hosts to numerous festivals in the summer.
  • Capitalize class when joined with a year. Example: The Class of 2012 announced its gift to the school.
  • Capitalize commencement when referring to the university’s official ceremonies in May and December. Example: VCU will celebrate 3,000 graduates at its May Commencement.
  • When a generic term is capitalized as part of an official name, the plural used with another name is lowercase. Example: Broad and Belvidere streets, the schools of Nursing and Dentistry

See abbreviations/acronyms; academic courses; academic degrees; chairman/chairwoman; colleges, schools and departments; directions/regions; names; technology terms; titles of people; titles of compositions.

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