Use commas to set off individual elements in addresses and names of geographical places or political divisions: She flew to Burlington, Vt., and continued to New York City by train. There is no comma between a state and the ZIP code in an address listing: Send mail to the VCUarts Dean’s Office at Box 842519, Richmond, VA 23284-2519. Street addresses and states should be spelled out in return addresses, Web signatures and in “contact us” sections. In the “contact us” section, indicate phone and fax numbers and email addresses as follows:

Virginia Commonwealth University
Division of University Relations
University Marketing
827 West Franklin Street, Room 206
Box 842041
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2041
Phone: (804) 828-1463
Fax: (804) 828-8172

For on-campus addresses, the correct ZIP+4 will incorporate 232 plus the campus box number. Note that “Website:” is not used to introduce the URL. In running copy, use abbreviations if the address includes an actual street number and do not include zip codes: 827 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Va.

See P.O. box.

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