Richmond Ballet Trainee Program

BFA Degree Concentration For Richmond Ballet Trainees

VCU Dance offers a four-year B.F.A. degree concentration specifically designed for Richmond Ballet trainees. This unique program bridges trainee experience with the Richmond Ballet professional company and rigorous, pre-professional training with a focus in modern/contemporary dance and a strong ballet curriculum at VCU Dance.

During the first two years, students earn VCU credit for their work at the Richmond Ballet while taking general education courses, dance history, and improvisation at VCU. Students then complete the degree at VCU, taking courses in modern/contemporary dance, ballet, composition, dance science, teaching methods and more. There are many opportunities to perform throughout the four years. This B.F.A. program is designed for disciplined students who seek versatility in both ballet and modern/contemporary dance.

Within this degree track, Richmond Ballet Trainees enroll as full-time VCU Dance majors when they enroll in the Richmond Ballet Trainee Program. Students must pass auditions for both programs and meet VCU academic requirements for admission.

Click here for details on the Richmond Ballet Trainee curriculum at VCU.


Please note:

Students in the VCU Dance Degree Track for Richmond Ballet Trainees must pay tuition for both VCU and the Richmond Ballet Trainee Program during the first two years of the degree.

Students interested in the Richmond Ballet Trainee BFA must complete a VCU application and VCU Dance audition, as well as a Richmond Ballet audition.

For information about VCU admissions and the applications process, visit VCUarts Admissions.

Students accepted into this program are encouraged to apply for financial aid for VCU Tuition. Click here for more information.

Merit scholarships for accepted Richmond Ballet Trainee students are awarded at auditions.

“I feel very well-rounded, like I can do anything asked at an audition.”

– VCU/RB Alumna


VCU Dance

The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Dance and Choreography is a pre­professional program that provides students with numerous opportunities for individual artistic growth in a community setting that cultivates innovation, collaboration, and professionalism. VCU Dance seeks to create a diverse and invigorating educational environment designed to prepare students for the challenges and possibilities of a professional career as informed and engaged artists in the field of dance.

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Richmond Ballet

Richmond Ballet’s mission is to awaken and uplift the human spirit, both for audiences and dancers. It is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and continuing evolution of the art form of ballet. Richmond Ballet strives to keep meaningful works of dance alive and to produce and foster new works that remain true to these values.

Richmond Ballet
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Judy Jacob, Director of the School of the Richmond Ballet